Unmerge Transactions

There appears to be no way to unmerge 2 transactions once they have been merged - please add this feature as sometimes this is done accidentally

+1 How are we supposed to do this?

The workaround that worked for me when I accidentally merged some transactions I was trying to change the tag on, was to delete them but not do the “soft delete” and go the full delete, then resync from the source wallet’s API and boom, original transactions back.

Simply unmerging would be easier - I had to save all the ledger details prepared to manually put them back. The whole thing not being documented properly doesn’t help

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The future would be great to split a merged transaction. The problem is also that from time to time transactions merge incorrectly. This is easy to detect by looking through transfers and identifying those with funny fee amounts. Exchanges normally have a certain rounded amount for fees.

I have found the following process to work for me to unmerge these transactions:

  1. Have the one wallet open at the date in one tab
  2. Have all transactions open at the date in another tab
  3. Open the transfer from the wallet tab and decide which leg of the transfer you want to delete and delete it. Very important is that if you now re-capture the deleted leg it will just auto merge again, as there is no “confirm merge” option - it merges automatically. The tool does not have the capability to confirm a merge before it merges to be able to check the accuracy. Before saving, overwrite the transaction hash with something like “to be updated” or something similar. Now save it and the withdrawal or deposit will now be at the top of the screen
  4. Capture the deleted leg with the correct details like the transaction hash and save. It will now be listed at the top separately from the other leg of the transaction
  5. Refresh the screen to make sure that the one leg is now listed as a separate transaction in the wallet.
  6. Refresh the all transaction tab to make sure that both transactions are now listed as separate transactions


Thank you for the suggestion, we’ll definitely take it into consideration for future updates in Koinly as we work to implement the more advanced features for our customers.

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+1 to this feature! it would be much appreciated. i’ve made mistakes manually merging and would love an undo.

Any plans on implementing a fix for this soon? I’ve been trying to delete and re:import, only for the two transactions to remerge incorrectly again. I’ve worked around it once before but can not seem to get the issue fixed.

+1 to this feature! Why it’s taking so long?

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