Unknown binance Operation

I have imported the CSV file produced by Binance (Transaction History → Generate all statements)

Most records are imported correctly but for a few of them I get the error:

unknown binance Operation 'Simple Earn Flexible Interest’

Any idea why this is not recognized?


Hi @MicLedger,

Thank you for reaching out about this. :raised_hands:

Binance recently changed their “operation” label, which is why the file was failing to import most of your transactions.

As a manual fix in the CSV file, the new fields should be renamed to a simple ‘reward’ label.

The flexible Subscription field should be ignored however, this is you sending tokens to staking.

Please note that some rows still fail - this can be ignored , as we will be skipping those rows anyway (internal transfers), once our dev team has updated our importer.

In the meantime, if anyone has any issues with editing their CSVs in changing the labels to ‘reward’, please connect with our support team and we would be happy to help import these files properly. :raised_hands:

The adaptation to fix the CSV importer will take around a week or so, as this affects all the users, it is definitely been given priority.

Thank you all, and have an awesome day!


I’m getting the same error with ‘Buy.’ I’ve tried a couple of obvious replacements for buy. Do you know what I can put in the csv to get these to process?

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I am also failing to import CSV’s with the “buy” operation. I tried changing buy to spot trading but which was partially successful. The transactions are imported but they’re reversed so BTC buys were registering as BTC sales. Any help would be appreciated!

Hi @David_S and @Goopy6,

Pardon my delay in response, and cheers on implementing ‘spot trading’ for those buy operation transactions.

The best workaround for these would be:

  1. Replace ‘Buy’ in Operation column with ‘Spot trading’

  2. Swap Base_Asset and Quote_Asset, otherwise buys will be imported as sells
    I do apologize for the temporary inconvenience! For anyone who would like to be sent a notification when our dev team has this fixed, please request this with our support team! There isn’t an ETA at the moment, though you’ll be immediately notified when it’s ready to go. :raised_hands:

Have an awesome day!