UK 30 Day rule and Same Day issue

Just on free Koinly and imported transactions but there is a point where I would say is a bug, but then I probably have no clue…

I have accumulated BTC and traded in out coins etc as history, then this
Day 1:
Sell BTC vs USDT (8k) (Mistake so then go on to switch back)
Buy BTC vs USDT (8k) Cost Basis 8k - Loss 4 (Same day rule I believe)
Sell BTC vs BUSD (8k) This shows as Cost Basis 2.5k (History) - 5.5k Gain

In isolation I think this is valid, the issue is the next day I switch that back too

Day 2
Buy BTC vs BUSD (8k) Cost Basis 8k - Loss 59

From what I can see, this next day should have been then picked up under the 30 day rule and as such matched off with the Sell BTCvBUSD and the Day 1 Gain should be some tiny amount ~50?

Day 5 I then Sell BTC vs BNB (9k) and that also shows low 3k cost basis and a 6k gain.
So somehow in making a mistake and swapping in and out of 2 stablecoins, then buying the crypto I want, Koinly is telling me I have made a capital gain of more than the coins I used (11k gain for ending up with buying 9k BNB)

Am I crazy or is this a bug?