Turbotax 2023 Premier wants CSV import. Koinly supplies TXF

I’ve signed up for Koinly, sync’d my Coinbase account and Trezor wallet accounts, and it all looks good. I also installed Turbotax 2003 Premier (Desktop) and want to use it for my cryptocurrency sales reporting.

So in Koinly, I went to its Tax Reports section and used the drop-down to generate a report for Turbotax CD/DVD. It created a koinly_2023_turbotax_cddvd_blahblah.txf file.

Next, I followed the Turbotax import instructions given at https://koinly.io/blog/how-to-do-your-crypto-tax-turbotax/#turbotax-and-koinly-video-tutorial . (The screenshots aren’t exactly right, but I fumbled through it.) Eventually, I get to the point (as shown in the screenshots) of importing my information from a file. But it specifically wants a CSV file. Koinly has produced a TXF file.

What am I missing here? Or is there a way to tell Koinly to produce a CSV?

Well I may have answered my own question – but the procedure is extremely time-consuming:

In Turbotax 2023 Premier, File->Import->From accounting software lets me import the TXF file that was produced by Koinly. And after importing it, the numbers agree. BUT…

All of the imported items (over 200 in my case) are marked as “Needs review”. There is a “Bulk edit” feature in Turbotax that lets me change the type to “Cryptocurrency” (yay), but there are two MORE items that need review in each of the items – and the “Bulk edit” doesn’t let me do these in bulk (boo).

So for each of the 200+ imported items, it seems I need to edit each one in turn and answer the two remaining questions: How did you receive this investment (dropdown list to select “I purchased it”), and then “None of these apply” (checkbox) for a question on additional expenses.

Needless to say, having to do these tedious steps 200+ times is ridiculous. Surely there must be a better way? (I know, I know: don’t call you Shirley.)

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