Treat cost as gain toggle

Related to Why is COST showing as a capital gain?

Costs are treated as gain, it would be nice to have a toggle to change this behavior for the following reason:

According to your country, and how you interpret the law, you could argue that costs are fees and thus should not be treated as gain.
Especially in the case of defi where we need to approve contracts very often, causing a lot of cost transactions, and I think we could treat them as fees.

Proposed solutions are:

  • Add a toggle in the settings to not treat costs as gain
  • Add a “fee” label which won’t be treated as gain (not sure it makes sense to differentiate fee from cost, and in any case, having the toggle is always a nice to have)

The only way we can do this currently is to manually set the worth of each cost transaction to 0, which is quite painful to do when having a lot of transactions.