Transactions are missing purchase history / Binance via API

after the first API sync with Binance I got the message "2 transactions missing purchase history*.
I have 3 other wallets/exchanges
I have imported the complete history of all wallets/exchanges
I have sent coins from one wallet/exchange to another several times

What steps do you recommend in this case?
Thanks a lot in advance!

Here the summary after the Sync:

Wallet: Binance (Binance)
Transactions: 745
Imported with: API

  1. No airdrops/forks found
  2. API does not allow access to: BSwaps
    ---- Dust conversions older than 1 year are not provided
    ---- Only Futures from the last 3 months are imported
    ---- Convert trades before 2021-01-01 are not provided by API
  3. 2 transactions are missing purchase history
    ---- Missing 0.00009094 BTC on 2021-10-15 08:48:16 UTC
    ---- Missing 2.0847232 ADA on 2021-09-21 18:45:21 UTC

Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?


How did you import data into this wallet?

API - Sync

What have you tried to fix this so far?

Nothing yet

Hi @M_D1,

Welcome to the Discuss community, and thank you for posting!

There can be a few reasons why these transactions were not included in the API sync. The BTC transaction looks to be dust, and the ADA may be a convert trade. Unfortunately, Binance API simply doesn’t report this information to Koinly.

The fix for this is quite simple though. We have our Guide Page on how to create Manual Transactions here: How to add transactions manually | Koinly Help Center :raised_hands:

If you have any questions through the process, please connect with our support team! We would be happy to take a look at the wallet to better determine if those transactions were left out due to API limitations. :+1:

Thank you for your patience with us, M_D1. Have an awesome day!