Transaction page feature requests

Having used CoinTracking, these are a few things their Transactions page has that I wish Koinly had:

  1. Ability to show up to 10,000 transactions on one page

  2. A more compact page. With Koinly, I can see 8 transactions at once, while on CoinTracking I can see 27. It might not look as great when it’s compact, but it’s easier to manage imo.

  3. You don’t need to click on a transaction to see it’s description, it’s always visible. Makes it easier to find the transaction I’m looking for.

  4. It lets you simply click on a value to change it, like so:

  5. Ability to search for any value; Koinly doesn’t seem to let you search for the description, transaction hash or destination address (I mostly just care about the description).

Hi, we are working on more advanced filters and ability to see upto 50 transactions on the same page. To view all transactions you will need to download the transaction report. Koinly works differently from cointracking, if you are syncing everything then there should never be a need to modify multiple transactions manually in this way.


Not sure how CoinTracking is different, they too support syncing and CSV imports. In my case, 8% of Koinly transactions are manually created. Of the synced ones, I still have to edit description and types.

Any word on #3?

I would like to support all of Kaspar’s suggestions here and add a 6th.

The ability to bulk edit.

his is particularly useful when first using Koinly and having to reconstruct several years worth of transactions.

I have just done this and found over 400 airdrops that needed to be labeled as airdrops and to have their base cost updated to Nil. Having to do this one by one was a painful process.


I completely agree that we need to have a condensed version that allows more records to be visible.
8 records at a time is not enough. I also agree that we need to be able to search by transaction hash at a minimum.

It’s been almost a year, what happened to the ability to see and bulk edit more transactions?