TOKENS ‘security token offering’


I am writing this topic, because I need help regarding the taxation of cryptocurrencies. I have read a lot about the subject but I still have doubts and I can’t find someone who can help me.

The specific question is, if I incorporate an LLC in the USA, which opens a bank account in the USA. Let’s name it “A LLC”.

“A LLC” sells tokens, without backing, for real estate investments. As a result of that sale it has income in FIAT currency, which goes into that account. The crypto that is traded is not on the exchange market, i.e. it cannot be purchased on the market. It is only a token that is given to the interested party in the real estate project in exchange for US dollar.

"A LLC will not have a permanent establishment in the US, nor will it have employees, nor will it carry out any economic activity. "An LLC will only receive income in the US bank account, and as consideration it will grant a token, not exchangeable, not tradable, and without backing.

Is this activity taxable in the US?

Thank you very much.

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