Thousands of NFT token names impossible to manually link

since Koinly is finally recognizing some nft token types, I’m now stuck with the task of linking my sales transactions with the api nft tokens with my manual Null tokens. The issue is, with so many “tokens” of the same name since koinly recognizes each individual nft as a new token, it’s imposable to find the exact right one to replace the Null token with. Is there anyway to actually see which of the 10K same name ones that was sold later?

For eg, Bought an APE, set it manually as Null1. Sold APE after nft’s were picked up by the api. Gone back to swap the Null1 for APE but there are thousands of them. I can’t just pick any as then it’s not linked to the sale of it and koinly then thinks it hasn’t sold and that the sold one has no purchase history.

HELP! allow nft’s from the same collection to be seen under the same token or allow us to see exactly which one it actually is.

I am having the same problem. When you go to edit the old manual NULL transaction and convert it into a trade, you’re unable to select the correct token ID. They all show up as the same NFT name. For example, I want to choose LOOP #403 but it just shows a bunch called LOOP. This needs to be fixed ASAP. There is currently no way for us to make our disposals sync up


I have addressed this issue on an interim basis by soft deleting the new NFT Deposit tx and replacing it with a manual Deposit tx using the Nullx token name that I used to manually enter the old NFT purchase tx. Not elegant but a solution for pre-NFT integration purchases.

It’s amazing that they’ve managed to implement this long-awaited feature so poorly, that the only available workaround is manually disabling the feature for every single NFT transaction (by deleting the NFT transactions and manually re-entering them).

I hope the Koinly team reads this thread and improves this feature; I would highly encourage them to do some more thorough UX and QA testing before going live with future features, especially ones as critical as NFT trading.

This is so painful.

Before, it was easy enough to convert the Ethereum deposit to a trade, and add a NullXX tag which I was tracking elsewhere.

Now I literally need to delete the entire transaction and add it manually again. It takes so much longer. I’m paying Koinly to make my life easier, but seemingly Koinly insists on adding absurd extra layers of data entry for me to complete with every update.

Honestly, why are transactions all greyed out and locked from editing? They never used to be. We should be able to make any edits we need to any transaction, when Koinly gets it wrong. Why grey everything out, and force us to delete and add back manually?

And then Koinly tells you off for having a duplicate transaction, unless you “hard delete” instead of “soft delete”. I only have a duplicate transaction, because you are now forcing me to!

This piece of software used to be great, but every update is a downgrade. Everything keeps getting more restrictive and difficult to use.

Just let us edit transactions again, please.