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Hi, in Austria I can sell my cryptocoins after one year holding without paying any taxes… Does Koinly use this setup automaticelly when making a texreport for Austria?

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I’m also from Austria.

I would like to know what settings I have to choose - what method/settings do I need to setup to get a correct calculation?

Hi guys did you already find out if the topic is considered in koinly? what happens to the calculation if i have several holdings held for more than 1 year? Thank you

Hi everybody,

I got an answer!:

"Regarding the long-term capital gain when you sell your BTC, please note that you will not be able to find the long-term asset gains separately in the account nor will we take into consideration those transactions being tax-free. However, the long-term gains will be shown separately in your tax report. When you take this report to your accountant, they will be able to help you with the filing. You can find a sample tax report we provide in the link below.

So, as i understood it:
They don’t support it directly on the website (they will show more taxes than you really have on the website)
They ‘kinda’ support it in the tax report cause it will say:
"Net gains:
short term:
long term: "

Whereby ‘long term’ means ‘sold after a year’ - cause also in USA you have to pay less after a year of holding

So i guess that makes the tax report easily usable
(Just it would also be great if he would show the correct tax for my country also on the website, eg in transactions, cause on the website i want to find out all the transactions i really have to pay tax for, and see if these are right - cause i don’t want to pay taxes because of an internal transfer or something. This would be more easily to find if it showed correct tax amount on website too)

To all german-speakers who have same tax-software-problems as me:
An Alle Österreicher oder Deutsche die sich mit Themen Steuersoftware für Österreich Deutschland auch abplagen wie ich, ich würde gerne eine kleine Telegram oder Signal Gruppe machen zum gegenseitigen Austausch (unter anderem wie gut Koinly funktioniert oder es besseres gibt - ich habe schon einiges ausprobiert), sag doch gern kurz hi auf der mail: michael75457 das at-zeichen hier , und das ende ist googlemail und am Schluß natürlich ‘kom’ mit c geschrieben

sent you an interest, please add me :slight_smile:

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By the way, here is a feature request for this thing: 'German/Austrian 1yr Tax-free rule' Website Implementation -> destroy all your Competitors with this simple small Feature - #5 by Mohsen_OG