Tax report says i made capital gains altough i didn't


I have a question regarding my tax report.
On the report it says i made a lot of capital gains when in reality i lost about 100k of my starting captial.
So shouldn’t my capital gains be 0 instead if i haven’t made any profit on my money?

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Thats very difficult to say, if Koinly is showing you 100k gains then it usually means that you havnt added all your wallets or that you did not take into accouny gains on crypto to crypto trades. You can disable the “crypto to crypto” gains option to see the actual fiat loss.

Hello I’ve got the same issue. Did you get a response from Koinly team ?

It would mean you have unrealized losses. Or it could be you have some deposits with missing costs.

You can try sorting through transactions with ‘highest gains’ to look for any anomalies.

Or you can try looking for deposits with the filter for ‘missing costs’.

I tried that but still doesn’t,t understand why transfer in the same coin form a platform to another is like a withdraw. Of course I understand when you doing swap in a fiscal view you have a gain or loss (sell and buy) but for a transfer no. I connected platforms with API to Koinly but it seems it doesn’t,t recognize / match in and out of each platform so it is not able to properly preparer an accurate tax report. Is Koinly ok only with connecting only one platform ? Is someone succeed to connect more thant one and have a correct tax report ? otherwise I paid a review expert 300$ and they never came back to me. I’m a bit disappointed with the serious of this company!

@Guillaume It’s treated as a withdraw because it doesn’t see the deposit on the other platofrm.

You’ll have to manually add another wallet for the other platform. Then edit the withdraw transaction into a deposit on the other platform.

I’m using Koinly with many different platforms, some I do manually because it’s easier for me. And I like combining transactions to make it more clean.