Tax Report for Germany - Question on fees

Hello everyone,

I’m doing a tax return with Koinly for the first time this year for 2023. I pay taxes in Germany. Everything went really well with Koinly. The tax report now shows the net profit from spot sales and the net profit from futures trading. Fees and funding fees are also listed separately. How do I have to declare or allocate these in the tax return?

Perhaps someone from Germany has already had experience with this and could help? Thank you!



Hi Sonni_87, thanks for your question! :wave:t2:

Take a look at our Germany Tax Guide 2024 at the link below:

There is a section on the right-hand side called ‘How do you report crypto tax in Germany?’ followed by ‘German Crypto Tax Filing Forms’.

These should be able to help. :blush:

Hi Carl!

Thanks! I know which form to fill out actually and I am afraid the tax guide for Germany is not up to date. Gains I made from derivative /future trading need to declared in another tax form (“Anlage KAP”). I checked with the tax office and the refer to this:

The form that you refer to in the guide is only relevant for gains made from spot trading.

The report I get from Koinly gives gains for spot trading (Anlage SO, as said in the guide) and other gains (Anlage KAP). However I am unsure about the fees that are listet. I’m guessing i will have to deduct the margin fees from my future trading gains?