Tax captital losses issue

My tax report isn’t considering my assests being moved to a hardware wallet. It is saying I have sold them at a loss instead. Any advice or have I just wasted $140 on a useless tax report?

It sounds like you haven’t entered the data correctly. You need to add all wallets and exchanges for Koinly to calculate your tax correctly. Not sure what country you are in but in most moving crypto from an exchange to a hardware wallet e.g. a “transfer” is not taxable. If its entered correctly it will look something like screen shot below e.g. its labelled as a “transfer”. There will also be a small loss or gain associated with this which is related to the transfer fee e.g. the fee is classed as a disposal so the gain or loss is calculated for the fee.

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@Andrew_Getgood @Andrew_Getgood is correct. Please follow guidance listed here -

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