Tangem Wallet Sync

I am getting “invalid public key” error when trying to sync with Tangem BTC wallet. I have copied the XPUB from the inflogs text

Wallet: Bitcoin (BTC) Tangem (Bitcoin (BTC))

Transactions: 0
Imported with: API

  1. Invalid public key or no data
  2. No transactions found

@keithtrimble1 Hi!

Hmm, very strange!

Im not gonna ask if you are copying it correctly as I am sure you are!

However, do you see any other type of key on the inflogs? One that begins with a z/y/3 ?

I am having the same issue. I’ve had no problems with other wallets and addresses. Just when i tried to sync new tangem wallet for the first time using xpub I get the same issue as keithtrimble1.