Tagging withdrawals as FIFO or LIFO seperatly


I have a request/ suggestion that could possibly have a major impact on my tax reporting. As resident of Australia, it does not matter which fungible token I sell, as long as I keep a record of which token I am selling. Koinly only offers universal FIFO/LIFO accounting and severly limits which tokens I am reporting to sell. This can have an effect of long term CGT discount.

I buy and stake some PoS tokens. I want to age my initial investment and sell the newly earned tokens as LIFO. In my other wallet, I want to sell other tokens i’ve held for over 12 months, so I want to account those as FIFO.

I can’t do both in the same portfolio with the current tool set.

Would it be possible to create a manual edit to each withdrawal transaction to state LIFO or FIFO rather than a universal setting?

10000% agree with this.

So I traded with a bot for a few months to try it out. The problem I’m having is under FIFO it completely messes up my taxes. In fact, more than doubles what I owe and more than doubles any loss. And since I can only deduct $3k a year in losses. I now automatically owe way more in taxes.

IMO what I think there should be is a universal setting where you can set it like now. But for sells, you can change it to LIFO or whatever manually. This causing the system to just earmark internally the corelated buys and go from there.