Syncing Solana wallet issue

Describe the problem:
I get the following error when trying to sync my Solana wallet: “Transaction version (0) is not supported by the requesting client. Please try the request again with the following configuration parameter: “maxSupportedTransactionVersion”: 0”

Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?

How did you import data into this wallet?
API autosync

What have you tried to fix this so far?
Deleting wallet and trying to resync.


Bump. Still waiting response to my issue.

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same error on my stepN solana wallet since some days. please fix this issue

Hi @KryptoKana,

Welcome to the Discuss community and thank you for your stellar patience with us!

Thank you for confirming that you’ve deleted and recreated the API wallet. We’ve seen this error impact only a few wallets, though we’re keen to resolve the issue.

Our dev team has this on their roadmap, and if you would like to be notified when this error has been fixed, please connect with our support team and request this notification. :sparkles:

In the meantime, I would suggest using CSV files from If you upload the files into the same wallet then it would create duplicate entries, so it would be best to create a new wallet. You can use your SOL public keys, enter the keys into, and then generate a CSV file. :raised_hands:

I understand this isn’t ideal and my apologies for the inconvenience of not using API for the moment. This is a temporary solution to not hinder you importing your txn data into the wallet.

Thank you for bringing this to light, KryptoKana!

Have an awesome day!

Hi, can I get some support? Now the same error to my other SOL wallet too. :frowning:

There seems to be a solution to this change already available according to this QuickNode docs:

Was this fixed?

Hey KryptoKana,

The fastest way to get support from us would be to start a chat or e-mail thread, using the following link:

This way, we’d be able to investigate your account directly. Thank you in advance.

I am receiving the same error and this needs significant attention.
I have imported just 8 wallets and am receiving this issue on 2 of them.
That is 25% and I have more wallets to go through.

This will be my deciding factor to switch from other service.
Please provide the ETA.
At least let us know if it will be solved before tax season or not.
If not, I have no reason to continue trying to use your product I can use that time to fix issues with my existing software.

Same thing is happening to my wallets. Can we get it done soon for tax season?

Hello! I had the same issue and hence used and imported the generated csv… I unfortunately do not see NFT purchase txns at all. I only see solana costs and deposits. This needs to be fixed soon. We need seamless solana integration as its a major blockchain now. Tax season will be upon us soon. Please fix SOL integration please!

Also getting the same error. I don’t think it’s good enough to pay for your software and then to be told to use freeware written by a random dude as a substitute. Please sort this out asap.

Hi @gdp and @Charlie and everyone wanting Solana support,

Thank you all for shining a light on this issue. The workaround through certainly isn’t ideal, though improvements are actively in the works. Our dev team has several features and integrations for SOL that we’re excited about too. I don’t have an ETA for these as they’re in various stages to completion.

Something that would help move the ball forward is community voting on which SOL features/integrations are most needed. Please check out our Canny page to add your vote so the devs can better prioritize what needs the most attention. Search for Solana and a list will come up for everything SOL related. Please know all of the features and integrations will happen. Adding your feedback will expedite the process. though this isn’t an immediate solution, it will help us evolve the service to fix and support this important issue.

Please do add your vote…ask everyone you can…related or not…neighbor or quasi acquaintance across town…to add their support as well, and soon we will all bask in the light of full SOL support. Flying through Koinly in harmony! :handshake:

Thank you all for your patience and participation. Have an awesome day!

Thanks @Michael_Koinly. Will certainly vote! The problem halts solana wallet syncing completely, so it means sol wallets can’t be up dated at all. This is not good. It would be better if affected txs could be isolated or flagged until it is fixed/updated, so that users can still work through the rest of their transactions and update the affected ones manually.

Let’s vote this!

This particular issue “Transaction version (0) is not supported by the requesting client. Please try the request again with the following configuration parameter: “maxSupportedTransactionVersion”: 0” has been a known issue since at least August.

The recent suggestion in this thread (skip affected transactions instead of crashing the entire import) is a great starting point. Targeted quick fix that would get Koinly from “completely non-functional for Solana” to “a little buggy”. is not a viable option.

Could someone please take this seriously and provide some kind of explanation, plan, ETA, etc.?

This is a small job to fix the code to pull versioned transactions. But until then Koinly isn’t supporting the the whole solana wallet. Please Fix asap.

push please focus on this problem. its many months now and its not a feature, its a not functional of something we payed for. thanks

I’m getting the same issue: “Transaction version (0) is not supported by the requesting client. Please try the request again with the following configuration parameter: “maxSupportedTransactionVersion”: 0”

Will have to stop using Koinly because of this.

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