Support for VTHO reward in VeChain wallets

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I have a VeChain wallet that accrues VTHO continuously, and doesn’t seem to be pulled in to my portfolio as part of the wallet integration. It seems like a bit of a tax complication as it is pulled in on a continuous basis (difficult to understand cost basis) and I’m guessing should probably be taxed as income (at least in US). Is this something that can or should be integrated as part of the VET wallet importing workflow?


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    Very annoying issue. @fwb

Same issue. Using Trust Wallet

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+1 Super annoying having to manually add/calculate VTHO on a daily basis. Same with other coins that constantly get added to a wallet like Safemoon. I’m assuming that at least for US taxes, you could just take the balance on a day by day basis and calculate it is daily income?


A solution is needed. Without this, the tax reports are simply wrong.


Yes, it is a shame this has not been implemented! Hopefully we see a response from the dev team real soon :slight_smile:

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It’s so easy to calculate the amount of VTHO generated automatically. It’s 0.000432 multiplied by the number of VET in the wallet. It would be great for this to be implemented. Generated VTHO doesn’t show as transactions, it’s just generated.


Any info on this yet? still no support for VTHO…