Stablecoin CEX transfers

I have multiple transactions like the following.
I sent 3979 USDT from to a wallet/DEX.
When it landed at the other wallet/DEX it became 3960.92 because the gas fee was $17.94 and slight difference in USDT price fluctuation.

Koinly thinks this is 17.94 profit. WTF? There is no way for me to edit this transaction. Is this some bug? Is my only option to delete it and manually add the transaction?

The problem is that Koinly has been unable to find a cost basis for most of the 18.08 tx fee that you paid. It found a cost basis for only 0.1369 of the tx fee and calculated a capital loss of 0.01 on that amount. The remaining amount of 17.9431 was assigned a cost basis of zero and, as such, Koinly calculated the entire amount as a capital gain.

You need to try and figure out why Koinly is missing the purchase history for 3979 USDT. There are a number of reasons why the purchase of the USDT is missing. It could be something to do with Binance US. I see a lot of posts complaining about Binance US problems.

Here are some links to Koinly posts regarding issues with missing purchase history. Hope this helps.

How To Find Missing Transactions | Koinly Help Center.

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