Spreadsheet view and other suggestions

Hi, couldn’t find a post with this topic so thought I’d start one.

Is it possible to have a spreadsheet view for transactions?

When there’s a lot of transactions needing to be edited it is really annoying and slow making changes. I also wonder if it might be helpful to be able to pause the calculations because I’d imagine it churns a decent amount of processing power over and over again each time a change is made (maybe selecting “edit mode” or something?).

It would be great if I could nominate a transaction as a wallet or account of mine as well. I get errors where e.g. a transaction to KuCoin doesn’t recognise it’s a transfer not a withdrawal / deposit and I then have to soft delete and create a manual entry. If I could just tell Koinly it’s MY wallet / exchange account that would save a lot of drama.

Also, it should be possible to undo all changes. I accidentally changed a transaction type and had to delete it because it wouldn’t let me revert it to the original type (I believe it was “received from pool” when I meant to change it to “reward”). Then, after deleting it, Koinly stopped identifying it when I sync’d the wallet (metamask) - I did permanently delete it before anyone tries to point that out.

Final suggestion - I think it would be pertinent to include the ability to label a specific address (e.g. for me it’s the PancakeSwap staking address) and allow others to verify it is what it has been labelled by the userbase and automatically label deposits and withdrawals as sent to or received from pools. That’s just one example but I imagine there’s lots of addresses out there that are similar for people. I’ve read pressers by Koinly saying it uses AI, well crowdsourcing could support the AI as well.

Addendum to final suggestion - if there’s a difference between what I sent to the pool and received from the pool, why doesn’t Koinly assume this was a staking reward? Why does it pose an error (which then, if not corrected, is treated as capital gains)?


time to start your own software. All of your suggestions and issues are spot on and valid. Don’t hold your breath though. It’s imperceivable that there isn’t a software solution that gets it right. Koinly is at about at60-70% there but considering how long it took to get the last 20% (over a year) I doubt that it will make it past 80% ever. Before it gets bought up by someone like APPLE I hope…