Spouse asset gift/transfer

In UK we can gift/transfer funds to our spouse (The disposal is deemed to take place at ‘no-gain and no-loss’).

By default I can see that every asset withdrawal has an automatic capital gain/loss calculation. However if this was a transfer to spouse, then I need to tag this as gift.

Then I also need to take note of the cost basis and tell this to my spouse so she can modify her deposit with a cost basis.

Correct me if I am wrong on this formality/procedures.



Let’s see if we can get the respected opinion of @Mark_DesLauriers on this one!

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Hi @Ali_Koinly,

I think @andwan0 has correctly described the Koinly procedure for recording a gift to a spouse under UK capital gains tax rules (a capital gains tax free transfer). As described by @andwan0, his spouse would need to edit the Deposit transaction in her Koinly account to reflect the cost base that Koinly has calculated on the Withdrawal/Send transaction that he has tagged as a Gift. (Koinly’s Edit Transaction pop-up window allows you to change the “Worth” of the acquired crypto asset.)

Hope this is helpful.

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