Split transactions

Following on from the recent Merge feature, I think a Split feature would also be helpful.

For example, when withdrawing from a perpetual long contract that settles in the originating asset.

So when I withdraw my ETH long from MCDEX, I assume Koinly would see this as a single deposit or transfer moving back into my wallet. In reality, this single amount includes two elements – the original ETH used as leverage which is not a taxable event, and the additional ETH from the margin profit which would have a cost-basis of zero.

To address this, I plan to withdraw in two parts. However, the gas fees for this type of withdrawal are extremely high (e.g. $40) so this is far from ideal.

Yes, it’d be nice to have split transactions.

Withdrawal => Interest Payment + Withdrawal
Withdrawal => Interest Payment + Loan Repayment (a new feature)

Agree. Please add this feature. This will be useful for adding liquidity (with multiple tokens) to unsupported pool.


I just withdrew funds from a perpetual long. It was a single transfer that includes the original collateral and the profit.

Koinly does not support this transaction. If I mark it as ‘Realized Profit’, I’m forced to mark the entire amount as profit which is not the case.

This is why we need a split function asap.

Still a massively needed capability. It provides handling for:

  • longs
  • cash back
  • any crypto transaction that provides change (including how cardano handles some transactions)
  • any crypto transaction that goes to two entities
  • xrp costs, which show up as a separate transaction
  • other costs, which show up as a separate transaction but have the same hash
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I can agree with you. I made the mistake to withdraw from a yearn vault that levergases the collateral with fresh money to make money just slightly more than I have put in. Now I can only tag the 101% as full exchange instead of keeping the 100% collateral as swap and the 1% as gain to be taxed.

It’s tricky to fix. If I add a manual transfer (sell) the balances are off because I have not sold. Then a need a second transfer to adjust for it, but how?

Seem if you withdraw in 2steps the 100% collateral and then the gain it could work directly. The gain has then as cost basis for example 0.

Did you guys found a workaround?

Bump. I have a different usecase for the same feature.

With the same withdrawal I bought a good plus paid a fee. I believe the fee should be deductible, while the rest is taxable. Anybody who encountered this situation has some recommendations?


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+1 Auto-merged transactions are sometimes ridiculously off. For example, here I get a “phantom” transfer where I sent 100 ADA more than I receive, which are considered transfer fees: