Spinney Wheel (of Misfortune)


I’m updating my data and sorting any errors on my account however when I amend a transaction, let’s say changing one from a Withdrawal to Lost, instead of giving me an immediate updated amount on the figures, I just get a pop up box with “Updating your Data - Queued” and the spinney wheel, this is going on for about 20 minutes before it actually updates. Is this right? Seems a bit long, I’ve hundreds of transactions to amend, it’s going to take forever.


Hi @Pinheadplanet,

Good to see you back here, man!

My apologies for the delay from the account calculating! This can extend for a bit if there is a high transaction count.

This might also be a glitch.

Try this;

Go to your Transactions page and find the most recent synced API transaction. Soft delete it, then restore it.

This should then kickstart the process.

Note, calculations for accounts with more than 10k transactions can at peak times take up to 12 hours.

Are the gains still updating now?

Have an awesome day, Php!

Hi Michael, thanks for the reply.

Sorry, completely forgot I wrote this! I’ve been trying to get some sort of sense from all my transactions over the past week but I’m not really moving forward in any way. I do still get the spinney wheel, and I’m not sure what you mean by soft delete, what’s that?

Plus, does this below mean that if I change 1 transaction it has to update the whole 4000+ transactions in the account and not just that particular wallet?


Hi @Pinheadplanet,

No worries at all! My apologies to you for the long delay in response!

Solid questions here!

Here is an example from a test account on how to soft delete and restore soft deleted transactions :arrow_down:

For the calculation query, if you’ve just edited a transaction - the older the transaction is, the longer the calculations will take, as Koinly needs to count everything in the selected wallet from that moment in time.

Please let me know if you have any questions, php!

Have a wonderful day!

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