Solana Sync Importing 100s of NFTs?

Describe the problem: Solana Sync Importing 100s of NFTs? How do i stop this and mass delete them?

Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?

**How did you import data into this wallet?**sync

**What have you tried to fix this so far?**none

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Same problem here, I’m receiving almost 150 Solana spam NFT PER DAY !
Mass deleting them takes me 15 minutes regularly.
Most common is MELEANFT1#xxx which I received hundreds of times.

Please koinly, react fast and ban this shit.

Hey @Mike_Weisman

I have asked our tech team about this, since we do skip some SPAM NFTs.

For now, you can mass-delete them using the guide below;

Do all these spam NFTs count as transactions when purchasing a Koinly plan? I have the Hodler plan but it is getting close to the Trader plan, which I believe it is thanks to these spam NFTs. I have deleted them but I don’t know if it still counts after being deleted. Just think it is not fair that thanks to these scammers spamming us these NFTs, we have to pay more for a higher transaction plan than normal and more work deleting them and also just nasty to look at when revising all my transaction on the Koinly page. You see all these scam nfts transaction cross out while you are trying to view your legitimate transactions. Is there anyway to just permanently delete them and not see them again when you resync the wallet.


Yes, the count towards transactions, as the blockchain reports them hitting your account.

Permanently deleting should do the trick, but if they keep being imported, please reach out to support so they can see if the token can be added to a filter.

I have the same issue. Solana wallet sync includes many spam nft transactions every day. :frowning:

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@pooyanunited Yeah I am hoping we can expand our filter for SPAM NFTs.

I’ve asked our currency team for input so will get back to you


Me too! Any solution?

Hi guys @Mike_Weisman @Chewbaccoin - the actual SPAM filter isnt decided by Koinly and rather by SOLSCAN the API provider. It seems that the provider has not caught on to the spamming as of yet.

We are adding these tokens individually for users to our internal blacklist, and since the NFT type seem to vary across accounts we can only do this if you reach out to us via support so we can ensure the token is blocked, and not reimported upon resyncing the wallet.

There is also an open bug ticket we have created for our devs to look into, so that this doesnt require any manual intervention from users or customer support - fingers crossed this is implemented soon. :crossed_fingers:

Hi, can Koinly create a custom filter for us to manipulate these. I am a multimillionaire in this token that is deposited multiple times daily. It has taken me over an hour to soft delete them. Now my transaction count has ballooned…

MLDAO is the name of this Solana token…


I’m also getting inundated with MLDAO and MELEANFT tokens. Please help!