SOL NFT questions

Hello, I have a few questions:

  1. Please see the attached imaged. The following set of four transactions is what happened when I minted an NFT. The first transaction is when I received the NFT, the second transaction is the gas price, the third transaction is the mint token, and the last transaction is the amount of crypto I paid for the NFT. My question is which transactions do I merge? Also, what do I do about the “market price” error?

  2. On koinly, there is an issue where whenever I sold an NFT on magic eden on the Solana blockchain, it records the transaction where I received the crypto but it does not show me sending the NFT. I would manually add those transaction; however, I have two problems: I do not know what NFTs I sold and don’t know where to look for that (I only remember for the ones I made gains on). Also, I do not know how to manually add NFT transactions on koinly.

Hey @user26488

  1. You should merge the Minted NFT, SOL used for the mint, and the Gas together - leave the mint token as it is (PATCH)

Merging the above will assign a market price to the DRONIES, but you need to find the Deposit of the PATCH and link that up with a market price. You can also set this manually by selecting Edit on the Deposit transaction and changing the worth.

  1. We have an open ticket with our tech team regarding this issue, and we hope to improve our SOL NFT integration. In the meantime, check out this article to add NFT transactions manually (you will need to use placeholders).

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