So many transactions


I’m no trader, but I do use app and have lots of “Card Cashback” transactions every time I swipe my card, plus lots of noise transactions. I see the plans don’t really allow for someone like me, do you have plans to allow users to ignore certain things perhaps to generate their reports? Right now I have 2623 transactions and this is only going to grow exponentially and go way beyond your upper 10,000 transaction plan. I don’t mind paying $50-$100 a year, but $280 a year for what im after is just a little outrageous.

For instance, I’d love to ignore all noise and only for tax to be generated on “withdrawals” which I had 109 of; that would put me in a better space for a plan and also give me a more realistic view of my tax obligations; converting to fiat, as in when the capital gain is realised and in hand to pay the tax man.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Yeah, I’ve decided to make a XLS spread sheet formula that goes through and looks at the CSV export from and tell me everything I need; only thing I cant do is FIFO which ill get an excel expert to help me with