So an old contact migration screwed a few of us over…

Last year I bought HOKK (Hokkaido inu) and missed the contract migration that would’ve given me the correct value of my tokens. The migration caused my old coins to display a price of 4 million dollars which in no way was correct. I ended up sending my incorrectly valued tokens to a dead wallet but even etherscan shows my coins being valued in the millions even though there was no liquidity in my old tokens. I marked my coins as lost on my koinly tax report but I am unsure if this will be something I have to be worried about next year. Not sure if marking it as lost or sending it to a dead wallet is enough proof to display there was no profits. Thoughts?

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Same issue. Did you find a solution?

I can only suggest to either set the price manually for every HOKK transaction or to edit every transaction to the correct token if that is possible. If editing doesn’t work because it’s imported via API (greyed out fields) you can try to soft delete the incorrect transactions and add them manually again then change to the correct token / token price on that date.

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Hi @Cheesewizard , love your name :cheese::mage:‍♂, welcome!

In Koinly what you can do is manually add a trade of the old HOKK token to the new HOKK token and set the wallet to ignore API balances and take into account transaction calculated balances only.

How to add a trade manually from the UI: How to add transactions manually | Koinly Help Center

How to ignore reported balances: "Ignore reported balances" explained | Koinly Help Center

The “worth” field of the transaction can also be edited so you can also add the correct market value of the new coin.

Regarding “proof” that this is a correct price, this is more of a legal question (and I am just a platypus) so I would suggest contacting a tax pro. Here are a few Cryptocurrency Tax Accountants | Koinly

Always reach out if you have any trouble. We can take a more in depth look if you contact us by email at [email protected]

PS: @Miki_Troy , just saw your message, this might interest you too :slight_smile:

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