Site is amazing but customer supports failes


I wanted to say thank you for making it easy for me to get all my crypto stuff ordered. Its really a website where a noobie like me can handle her wallets and exchanges. However… i must say that i got the impresson that the support was there too… that there was a live chat and that this was a solid thing. Now i see that my email is not replied and topics are not answered to. I still need to buy a plan, and im gonna but i would have paid even more if your support was 100%.

Really hope you can fix this asap! :frowning:

Agree, support is severely lacking or non existent.


I have a few questions/bugs/errors that havent been answered or addressed yet. We’re talking about filing taxes here, this is no trivial matter

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You really have to become your own expert with these crypto tax softwares I’ve found. Support isnt going to do the investigative work often required to get the software to calculate things correctly for you as it requires too much time and effort. If they were to offer such service it would have to be quite expensive I’d imagine.