Show holding period in Dashboard


would be great if the holdings on the dashboard would somehow show when the coins were bought. This would help to plan trading and avoid short term taxation.



This is planned along with some other tools to view cost basis before placing trades!


Cost basis would be great, especially for long periods of accumulation. Knowing when specific quantities of a given token move from short-term to long-term would be very helpful.

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Yes, yes, yes… I would pay extra for that feature. Even better… allow me to set up an alert when my ownership of certain quantities reach their 1 year anniversary.

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Eagerly await this feature. Easily tracking cost-basis [price per coin] displaying in all transactions for instance) and holding period is significant. Accounting even has a really slick graphical time/coin amount graph that shows the percentages at ST/LT gain levels across time for specifi coins.

Right now there’s basically no way to track holding period - at all - short of to actually sell and then look at the cost analysis after the fact.

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Looking forward to this feature, when will it be out?

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As a workaround, has anyone tried (manually) entering a sale transaction for some time later this year (in the future) and then run the current year tax report to reveal the purchase date for each lot? (in a spreadsheet that we can actually work with) Once we have the data, go (manually) delete the spoof Tx?

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Looking forward to this feature as well!! Please provide ETA

I was actually thinking of the same, might be create a separate wallet for this kind of analysis and delete all the transactions in the wallet once we are done with our analysis. Did you try it already?

Any news on this Feature? offers this in their Free Tier. This is the only thing holding me back to fully migrate to koinly.