Sent funds to wrong address. Can I claim as a Capital Loss?

I’m in Australia so this applies to AU tax.

There’s a section in the crypto tax guide for Australia that pertains to lost key or a hacked account:

Lost, hacked or stolen crypto

If you lose your private key or your crypto is stolen, you may be able to claim a Capital Loss. To claim a Capital Loss, the ATO will require you to provide evidence such as:

  • The wallet address that the key belongs to
  • When you acquired the key and when you lost it
  • The cost of acquiring the stolen/lost cryptocurrency
  • The fact that the wallet was controlled by you
  • The amount of cryptocurrency at the time that you lost the key
  • That you possess the hardware where the wallet is stored
  • The transactions to the wallet from an exchange which is linked to your identity

My issue is different where I sent some funds to the wrong address (contract address :man_facepalming:) and I can’t get my funds back. Could this also qualify as a capital loss?