Sallary in raport

Hi in full tax raport I see position "sallary " in other income section. Why is it there where software has no option of adding sallary

Hi @Marek_Bielawski

Thanks for your question. :+1:t2:

Deposits can be tagged as ‘Salary’ if you get paid in crypto:

If this doesn’t apply to you though, then no need to worry. :blush:

I’m not paid in crypto, I’m employed. But still don’t understand why in all capital gains calculators for uk they asking for salary, when calculating my capital gains tax I only include my gains s fron assets or everything I made this year (salary + gains from assets)?

Hey again @Marek_Bielawski

The reason it’s an option in Koinly is because the people that get paid in crypto need to pay Income Tax when it’s received and Capital Gains when it’s disposed of, so they can add it to Koinly to help work this out.

No need to import any salary details if this isn’t you though. :+1:t2: