Roadmap Request

Koinly Team–

1.) Can we request a formal update on the state of adding other L1 blockchains to the platform, such as Solana, Avalanche, Terra Luna, Celo, Near Protocol, etc.

2.) What is the state of being able to add custom tokens without the NULL1, NULL2, NULL3 names?
Is there a reason we can’t just edit the name? The NULL names lead to unnecessary difficulty for non-Ethereum NFT’s and for yield farming liquidity pool (LP) tokens that are not on the list.

I’ve been using your platform for several years but have not seen any specific timelines. Support response times have been pitiful.

Thank you for any information. Requesting any information you can provide to give the community clear expectations as we prepare for 2021 tax year.

  • Nate

I agree. I understand how fast the crypto space moves and that most of these features are non-trivial to add but there needs to be more transparency about when/what features will be added. The lack of responses from support has made me transition off of the platform. It requires too much manual effort for me to make up for the features they lack and I have no idea when/if they will add the features most important to me so I might as well do it all myself anyway.