Requesting support for Stride Wallet and stride's liquid staked portfolio


Please add wallet support for Stride. Stride is partially supported as a token within the cosmos wallet already by koinly. However the Stride wallet address is not supported. Stride is a liquid staking platform within the cosmos ecosystem, and not all of the liquid assets from stride are recognized by koinly: stTIA for example is not supported at all, likely due to the stride wallet itself not being supported. This is creating tax problems as the price cannot be fetched and the transactions are just being ignored.

Hi again 2six! :wave:t2:

Stride Wallet integration and support for the tokens are on the Team’s to-do list too. :+1:t2:

You can find the feedback links here if you’d like to receive updates about them:

I don’t have an ETA unfortunately, so the best thing to do is upvote them. :blush:

If your deadline is getting close, you could always use our NULL placeholders. Just search for NULL1, NULL2 etc. when adding manual transactions and you will find them.

Those can be used to represent tokens not listed on CoinMarketCap, NFTs, or anything that Koinly doesn’t currently support. It’s good practice to also write the name of what the NULL token is representing in the description box for your own records. :blush:

I hope that helps!

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