Requesting Gzil support

Hello. Thank you for fixing ZIL syncing. The same address also receives GZIL but that is not showing up on the sync. Can that be added?

Koinly, I second this request. GZIL is the governance token you receive by staking ZIL. It is stored in the same wallet and at the same address. Please enhance your sync to also retrieve the GZIL rewards as well. Thanks.

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I too would like to see this added if possible.


Yes agree with the above - anyone staking ZIL at this stage will be receiving Gzil - so would be good to have it supported.
GR8 job Koinly for fixing the ZIL issues


Yes please add Gzil syncing

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Yes GZIL support necessary.

Also other tokens like Zwap go to the same address and should be picked up in Koinly.

Would definitely want support for gzil please

This has been requested for a long time now and still no word on it.
No other tokens aside from zil are being imported, nor are any of the transactions from zilswap.

Can somebody update us on where you are at with this?

yes please add support for zilswaps and other zilliqa tokens like gzil