Reporting taxes in Denmark to SKAT - am I doing this right?

Hello everyone,

I am about to report my crypto taxes for the past years to SKAT - negligently I did not undertake this duty before. This means I will have to modify the tax assessment for previous years and ask to reopen at least one year (2018).

I have my Koinly reports but in the SKAT I can see that there is only one box (20). I thought I actually had to insert every single transaction and the fact that I can just insert a number is quite a time saving (I guess that is what Koinly is for).

Am I doing this right? E.g., if my capital gain for the year was 12345 DKK, should I insert 12345 in the Box


Also, I notice that Box 58 is not present. Should I ask them to open it, or does it come up automatically when I insert something in Box 20?

hey @ss04

I am unsure if we have any Danish users active who can provide an opinion.

It may be best if you seek assistance from an accountant near you!