Repaying loan is profit?

Hi Everyone,

I suppose many of you should relate with my use case.

I borrowed +400USD (Deposit) with others stable coins as collateral and I repay the loan -400USD (Withdraw).
To me, I made 0 profit.

Koinly marks the withdraw transaction as profit.

  • Can someone explain to me why it works like this ?

  • How do you handle with those type of stable loans properly ?

I’ve read Koinly article about Loans / Repayments / Collateral. It should be considered as regular deposit and withdraw.
A lot of topics on the same subject are closed without answers.

Personally, I tag loans deposit and repayment as “from pool” and “to pool”.
Which kinda makes sense because a loan is not a deposit from your own money, but a deposit from someone else (aka a pool) money, that you receive, and send back.

Hi Dlyan,

Which country are you filing in?