Recently moved to Germany - crypto tax for coins already bought in the past

I have bought coins while I was resident in Switzerland in 2020-2021 and hold them already for more then 1 year.
On 1st of Jan I moved to Germany - now my question is:
Do I need to re-count everything from scratch and wait 12 months or I am immediately eligible to be tax free?
If not, should I assumed e.g. moving on 1st of Jan 2022 with 1BTC and sell it now - will realize a loss of -12.285k for me(price at the open of 1st of Jan was €40,717.38 and currently is at €28,432) or it will be consider a profit of €28432 due to the fact that my cost basis is consider 0€?

Thanks in advance

Hi @marco_adetto !

Definitely a great question, maybe some members of our community have more insight. At Koinly we can’t just yet give tax advice and I would recommend checking in with an accountant from Germany/Switzerland , we have a list here Cryptocurrency Tax Accountants | Koinly

Once you know what you wanna do, we will be happy to help you implement it in practice in Koinly, so reach out to us via [email protected] once you know and we will be there to guide you through.

Hope that makes sense, have a great day!

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Thanks for your help - do you think will make sense to arrange a consultation with a German tax office as well?

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