Recent Scam Attempts - Beware

We are aware of some scam attempts that use our platform to prove the existence of “long lost” funds in your account and steal money from you.

Koinly does not store any funds. We are a tax reporting platform where you can import data using API/blockchain connections, but also input data manually.

We only hold information about transactions and would never ask you to send us money to unlock your funds - we wouldn’t be able to do that even if we wanted, as we do not hold any of your funds to begin with!

Last but not least, please be careful when dealing with individuals claiming that they are Koinly staff. We have seen an increase in the number of forum users trying to impersonate us and ask for your seed phrase. We will never ask for this!

Thanks for your patience and due diligence!


This lady called me regarding my blockchain account which I have not been able to access for over a year. Stated it was frozen and I need to buy £500 of bitcoin and she will reactivate my account. I would love to get access to my account again, but this sounds like a scam. This is the email she sent me

920794/ Emily (Blockchain)

Sep 27, 2023, 16:00 GMT+1
Hello Mr. White,

Following up on our phone call, below you will find the information that was discussed. Your total available wallet balance in our system is 3.804 BTC and converted to standard GBP it goes up to £81.641.49.
******** The amount in Standard GBP is variable based on the Bitcoin price movement.

You can check the wallet and its transaction history in the following Portfolio Tracker,, with the following credentials:

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Hi @David_White,

Thanks for sharing your recent experience. This is an example of the scam attempt that we mentioned.

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I want to report what happened today! was contacted tasking me to deposit funds in order to unlock a wallet so I asked for an email and I received this…

This is Bruce Anderson, Support Agent from the Support-Team from BLOCKCHAIN.COM. We had a short and kind conversation and you have been informed about your existing account on our platform.

The accounts that we are contacting during this first campaign, are transactions from 18 November 2011 until 21 March of 2020 and due to different reasons they have been FROZEN and the actual status is “DORMANT”.

Your account might have been created as a result of the following reasons:

  1. You registered this account on your own with your Personal Details*.*

  2. This account may have been created from your Previous Online Trading experiences or the funds that you lost while doing Online Trading*.*

  3. In 2015 Bitcoin and Blockchain were everywhere (Commercials, Platforms and all over the Internet) and 30% of our clients registered without even knowing the results*.*

In your account in Blockchain you have the amount of 2.933Bitcoin / 120,233.11 EUR***.***

The value in EUR is variable, depending on the price movements of Bitcoin.

Since your account is Frozen and in Dormant Status you have three choices:

  1. Deactivate your account and the lost money will not be Blockchain’s Responsibility anymore.

  2. Start the process of reactivating your account, so you will be able to Withdraw the Total Amount of money directly to your Bank Account through the "Financial Department".

  3. Reactivate your account and keep using it for Online Trading where you can withdraw, transfer or do online trading.

Your wallet is in DORMANT Status and it appears in Standard EUR price.

In order for you to start the reactivation process, you will have to make a transaction of 0.04BTC which is the minimum required for this process so the system can recognize the activity on your wallet.

You are going to place the amount of 0.04 BTC to your wallet as a Recovery Amount to show an action to your wallet, not as a Payment, considering the fact the account has been inactive for too long.

The amount of money that you need to buy the BTC will be placed in your final balance on the wallet and you can withdraw as soon as the process of reactivation is finalized, together with the actual amount of 120,233.11 EUR***.***

If you choose to go through the reactivation, feel free to reply back to this email so we can provide you with the steps you can follow.

You are going to be contacted by our best Crypto - Experts, who will guide you and assist you during the entire process.

Kind Regards,

Bruce Anderson Support-Team Department

Blockchain Access UK LTD is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority for the issuing of electronic money under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 [FRN 900204].
We are supervised by the Financial Conduct Authority for compliance with the Money Laundering Regulations (MLR) 2007. Blockchain Access UK LTD is registered in England, New York and Luxembourg (registered no. 902765). Registered Office:
-C/O Legalinx Limited Tallis House 2 Tallis Street Temple London, EC4Y 0AB, UNITED KINGDOM.
-1, rue Philippe II L - 2340 Luxembourg.
NOTE: This message contains personal details, due to safety reasons for our Support-Team Department, is using encrypted Emails.

You think I can trust this? I :joy:

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Hi I was contacted today by 07502913507 claiming I had £64k of bitcoin and that my koinly account was frozen and that I needed to deposit bitcoin to reactivate it. He gave me a temporary password and I logged into koinly with it and saw the £64k. He said this was time sensitive and that I needed to download a screen share app on my phone so I hung up. I tried to log into koinly on my own but now it’s saying it doesn’t recognise my email.

@Sara_Gunapala It’s a scam - please block and ignore all communication from this person

I need an advice. I am currently processing a crypto recovery,with an agency called,Recovering ATusa .com and we did some transaction validation. Out of 200k USD which was lost they where able to recover 90% of my lost, and I have only received only 60k USD and its been four days already since we started. I am a bit worried, i will like to know if they took the remaining of my money or if it is actually impossible to recover entirely everything i lost.

@Ana_Benson Yes it sounds like you have been scammed.

Crypto recover is impossible in 9/10 cases, and anyone claiming they can help is definitely trying to scam you.

Sorry for your loss