Recent Scam Attempts - Beware

We are aware of some scam attempts that use our platform to prove the existence of “long lost” funds in your account and steal money from you.

Koinly does not store any funds. We are a tax reporting platform where you can import data using API/blockchain connections, but also input data manually.

We only hold information about transactions and would never ask you to send us money to unlock your funds - we wouldn’t be able to do that even if we wanted, as we do not hold any of your funds to begin with!

Last but not least, please be careful when dealing with individuals claiming that they are Koinly staff. We have seen an increase in the number of forum users trying to impersonate us and ask for your seed phrase. We will never ask for this!

Thanks for your patience and due diligence!


This lady called me regarding my blockchain account which I have not been able to access for over a year. Stated it was frozen and I need to buy £500 of bitcoin and she will reactivate my account. I would love to get access to my account again, but this sounds like a scam. This is the email she sent me

920794/ Emily (Blockchain)

Sep 27, 2023, 16:00 GMT+1
Hello Mr. White,

Following up on our phone call, below you will find the information that was discussed. Your total available wallet balance in our system is 3.804 BTC and converted to standard GBP it goes up to £81.641.49.
******** The amount in Standard GBP is variable based on the Bitcoin price movement.

You can check the wallet and its transaction history in the following Portfolio Tracker,, with the following credentials:

Hi @David_White,

Thanks for sharing your recent experience. This is an example of the scam attempt that we mentioned.