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Here is Australia we are lucky enough to receive a discount on our long term holding capital gains (must be held over a year.) I understand koinly takes this into account, But i’m just wondering is there a way to see exactly which token is subject to this? Also, Say I have bought a token, then stake it for a year, then unstake and sell, will this be calculated as being a long term hold through koinly’s system? (rewards obviously wont be subject to long term hold, but the original staked amount should be?)

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Great to hear from you! Excellent question, lets’s see if I can shine a light :flashlight:

In regards to your first question, it’s not currently possible to see this information via the dashboard, however, we do categorise Long and Short term holds in the Capital Gains Report and the Complete Tax Report :+1:

Regarding your second question about staking, Koinly will recognise long-term staked coins. If you apply the appropriate labels to the coins, this will preserve the holding period.

When you are sending coins to a staking pool, apply the “Sent to Pool” label to this withdrawal, and when you receive those coins back, you should apply the “Received from Pool” label.

I hope that makes sense! If I have misunderstood you in any way, just let me know!

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Thanks for the answer.

no misunderstanding, thats how I thought it would work but just wanted to make sure. Thanks!

The first part of the question would be a cool feature to add maybe :wink:

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