QTUM Transactions not being imported

Describe the problem:
QTUM reports as synced with 0 transactions and no balance. This is wrong because the address has a balance and a corresponding transaction.

Address: https://qtum.info/address/MSKWFjoRK5CQx59h5Sugankzm8UVH769rj


Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?

How did you import data into this wallet?
Using the QTUM public address

Hi @soletiq,

Thank you so much for your amazing patience, man!

We hope you’ve been able to sync your wallet with out issue, though I wanted to confirm here that our dev team has completed their work and the syncs are flowing smoothly!


If you have any persisting issue with connecting the API, please delete the wallet and then recreate it to properly sync! :raised_hands:

Thank you for this helpful signal for all and have an awesome day!

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