Profit from own token sale


I’m sure no one will be able to answer, but I might get lucky and get a crypto tax wizard in the UK.

So I made quite a bit of money selling my own ERC20 token last year. I invested most of my profits into ETH and the rest into multiple defi projects.

Now I’ve added literally all my wallets and exchanges to Koinly and it says I don’t have to pay any taxes because I have a -25k loss.

This is wonderful as I made over 6 figures this year, but could this be correct? Seems too good to be true…
Do I not have taxes to pay because I invested my profits back into crypto or is Koinly completely useless?
I paid for the most expensive plan, if that matters.

Just to clarify this is for 21/22 in the UK.

Just for starters, how is each sale of your own ERC20 token recorded on Koinly? Are the proceeds of each sale transaction labelled or tagged as Income? Perhaps you can provide a screen print with examples of these token sale transactions.

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