Product Update October 2023

Hi guys,

I want to share a few cool updates with you! :star_struck:

  • The Dark Mode is finally here. :dark_sunglasses: You can now choose between dark mode, light mode, or system defaults. This setting is located in your profile dropdown.image

  • The currency and wallet filters on the Transactions page now support multi-select:

  • Some other practical features added last month:
    Advanced Filters
    Bulk Edit/Delete


Hello, thank you on the update. Pls I new to the koinly platform and I needed to make a withdrawal from my wallet, how can I go about this? Urgent response needed pls.

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We don’t hold any cash or coins for users, and cannot make withdrawals of funds to your personal account.

You are 100% being scammed by someone who is using Koinly as a tool to make you believe you hold huge amounts of assets.

Please ignore and delete the messages you received from such scammers.

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