Product Update 25th Sep 2020

  • Added api support for FTX, Okex, BitMax, CoinEx, Livecoin
  • Fixed issues with Binance DEX imports
  • Updated exchange importer to sync last 6 months of trade history
  • Updated Bittrex API (deposits prior to 2019 can no longer be imported via api)

Glad to see CDC has more history now, especially considering they haven’t released their long-term history endpoint yet (unless I missed it).* Do you pull in both OrderID and TradeID? If so, I will abandon my own script!

Do we still need to pull all the other junk from the Exchange via AJAX?

* I see the official CDC API docs now just say to loop.

Yes we do. The deposits/withdrawals/staking etc still have to be imported via ajax/csv since they dont have any endpoint for it.


If we import it with CSV i have seen that 2019+ everything is double with the API. Don’t you use a heuristic to match up the entries? Even if timezone is from CSV sometimes is shifted, amount (even if rounded/truncated differently), time and currency pair makes it much unique. Or at least is should suggest a matching.

Do i just overlook the “clear duplicates” button? The same happens for Kraken, where you recommend to import the Ledger.csv and everything is double.

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