Product Update: 1st March 2023

Hey guys, just wanted to share some recent updates with you! :star_struck:

Wallets page revamp:

  • Wallets can now be archived. Archived wallets will appear last in the wallet list, regardless of the sorting method used. You can also filter for archived wallets specifically. Archived wallets will look different but have all the same functionality so you can still click on the wallet and/or sync it. The main benefit of this is so that you can move non-active wallets to the bottom of the list

  • New sorting method: Activity Date. Sorts wallets based on their most recent transactions. The order of the wallet will only update after gains have finished calculating. The date of the most recent transaction is also visible now, right beneath the wallet count

  • Daily Sync indicator. This green clock icon will be shown for any user that has an active Daily Sync plan

  • Sync all wallets button. We now have a new button which can be used to sync all wallets at once. The button will sync a maximum of 50 wallets but will not sync any archived wallets. This button can be used once every 2 hours but we may increase this to 24 hours if we start experiencing server issues due to the frequent syncs

Other updates:

  • NFT Multi-Trades can now be merged manually. This applies to scenarios where there are multiple NFT deposits but only one crypto withdrawal (or the other way around). The crypto amount will be split equally between the NFTs when merged.

So thats not in the app yet?

Do we use Debank api for accurate defi data?