Product Update: 14th Dec 2021 [UI changes and new APIs]


  • Users can now display 25 transactions per page instead of only 10
  • Wallet icon is now displayed instead of the icon for the transaction type
  • Fee icon now shows the fee in percentages

New exchange APIs:

  • Shakepay
  • BitBay
  • Indodax
  • Yobit
  • The Rock Trading
  • MXC

Don’t forget to vote for the features and integrations that you would like us to add on


Love the recent changes, keep up the good work ! :+1:

Love to see the updates as well! Koinly rocks with keeping things fresh and updates with new changes and onboarding new platforms

Please change the “m” and “i” information icons back to their original positions.

As the eye moves from the left to right, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to put these icons before the actual transaction information rather than after it as it originally was.

Also, infinite scrolling would be great as opposed to 25 transactions per page.

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Enjoying these changes … 25 per page is Soooooo Oh so much better.
and it certainly does have a fresher look.

Nice Work Koinly

Great changes. If you also would enable 100 or 200 transactions per page, that would be awesome! :slight_smile:


I don’t see a future for Koinly, now that CryptoTax joins Blockpit, you are never going to keep up. Just simple things, like filtering for “Buy” transactions, not possible… or the 25 pagination, took you guys a year. It clearly shows you guys do not use your own website, so you have no idea what people do with it. I like the price model, but I started using more and more CSV files to be able to move to another platform as soon as Koinly shut’s down. Support in the forum is non-existent and actual bugs are simply closed, just like the USDTEST for issue.You had a good run, but if you get a buy-out from blockpit, just take it!!

I second the above comment. 25 is much better than 10 but I’d love to see options for 100/200/500. It’s often difficult matching transactions that appear on different pages.

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