Problems with transaction history

So I’m brand new to Koinly for doing my crypto taxes. I synced all my accounts and wallets with no issue. Once I went to the tax report section, it stated I had 11 missing transactions from my history on my coinbase exchange. I went to my coinbase account and realized I had about 20 transactions that needed me to add details too. I deleted my coinbase exchange from Koinly then re-synced it once I made the corrections. And it still says the same thing as though I never made any corrections?? This is what it’s saying.

Wallet: Coinbase (Coinbase)
Transactions: 1077
Imported with: API

  1. No airdrops/forks found
  2. 11 transactions are missing purchase history

Ok after further investigation, these 11 transactions are missing a purchase history because I didn’t purchase them. They were earned rewards from coinbase for learning about new crypto curriencies. I can’t figure out how to fix this??

Hi @JJG90, It sounds as though the 11 “missing” reward deposits in your Coinbase account are not being imported into Koinly via API as separate transactions with an acquisition cost or value. You could address this problem by manually entering these 11 transactions in Koinly as Deposits and assigning each of them a Label and acquisition cost that is appropriate for tax purposes in your jurisdiction.

If you earned these “rewards” by your participation in an activity promoting Coinbase then you may need to treat these transactions as taxable air drops that have generated income equal to the fair value of the airdropped coins. However, this is a general statement that may not reflect the appropriate tax treatment under the applicable rules in your tax jurisdiction.

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