Private data and security of your clients

As we all know, there is a lot of scammy people in the crypto space.
How do you protect the identity of your clients ?

My concern is let’s say your client purchase a susbcription, paid by card, paypal or any usual providers, his name will be associated to all his transactions right ?
If by “unfortunate” circumstance, your database leak, then the value of their belongings would ends up in potentially harmfull hands and they could end up being targeted by malicious people.

We have seen the problem that this type of leak can cause with the Ledger database hack, and it would be an even more problematic situation with a tax software that display a lot more of precious data.

So how are you dealing with this, are you deleting any sensitive data like name/adress if asked ? Can your client subscribe by using crypto and private coin like XMR?

I think the most important for a service like yours would be that the client name/adress would stay anonymous in your system, is it the case ?

Thanks in advance for clarifying this for me.

I agree, quite good point. I hope they doing proper security.

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Could someone from the Team respond to me on this please ? I just want to make sure all the data between you and stripe, cannot reveals any personal identity, in the situation where a breach would occur into the Stripe service(your payment service) or your platform.


Interested in that as well. The recent Ledger hack shows that critical services such as Koinly can be a source of real issues if exploited. It would be great to hear from the team about what’s done in order to keep our private, very sensitive data as secure as possible.


Hi Koinly Team

Please can we get a response on this?

Also any hope for 2FA on our accounts please?

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