Pricing Support for Yearn Vaults

Koinly is currently unable to find pricing for Yearn products such as yCurve and WETH vaults.
Koinly is showing $0 value for these holdings.

+1 I have transferred some USDT into a Yearn Vault and Koinly sees the YUSDT but gives it 0$ value so gets confused. Would be nice if Koinly understood what a Smart contract YVault was… as they can be interest (income) bearing…

We are working on adding Defi support in the coming days/weeks.

Is there any update / timeline/ news available? Saw it has a hard time with yYFI, yWeth and the y version of “YDAI+YUSDC+YUSDT+YBUSD” called “YYDAI+YUSDC+YUSDT+YTUSD”

Not sure if it inputting it in Y is then a deposit, swap or “send to pool”. :thinking:
What did you use for the way in and the reverse way out?

Yes, I am having the same problem. Any updates?

I’m also waiting for this

This you figure out if this swap or “send to pool”, I’m having the same doubt for yearn and curve finance deposits

I’ve classified my deposits to Curve as Trades/Exchanges. Ie exchange 100usdc for 100ib3crv etc.

When i’ve deposited them to yearn i’ve specified as a swap. Swap 100ib3crv for 100yycrv-ib etc

No idea if this is right but it seems right to me.