Polygon WMATIC to MATIC swaps do not update WMATIC balance

My Koinly balances for WMATIC are wrong. I noticed that PolygonScan doesn’t show when WMATIC is unwrapped to MATIC as a regular transaction/swap. Because of this, Koinly pulls the data from PolygonScan but isn’t able to recognize when I unwrap it. This results in my Koinly balance showing the total amount of WMATIC I have ever received instead of what is still in my wallet.

This reddit post shows the code in the contract that details how much WMATIC is unwrapped.


Thanks for figuring this out this will be an important fix.

This needs to be fixed!

I’ve just come across this issue as well… badly needs to be fixed

Hey all,

This should now be fixed.
Please try to resync your wallet from the beginning which should bring in the missing transactions.
Please let us know if there are still missing txns :slight_smile:

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thanks, working now… appreciated