Polygon Showing Issues with Zapper.fi and some Liquidity Pools/Farms

Describe the problem:
Thank you for the fixes! The sync does appear to be working, however, it doesn’t look like some transactions are still aren’t working.

For example, exchanges with Zapper . fi do not sure the transacted coin. Example: If I use Zapper . fi to convert WBTC to Matic, Koinly only shows a WBTC withdrawal and nothing else.

In addition, it looks like some liquidity pool transactions do not show up properly either. For example: Changing in a Uniswap LP token for the liquidity pair only show one pair recieved and the second coin does not show up at all.

I would have to manually update every single transaction done with Zapper . fi (exchanges or adding/removing liquidity) and would have to manual update quite a number of other liquidity exchanges manually.

Prior to the API sync breaking, this was all working fine.

Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?
Metamask on Polygon

How did you import data into this wallet?
Polygon API Sync with the metamask public key

What have you tried to fix this so far?
Removing and re-adding the wallet to Koinly

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Hi everyone,

We use Polygonscan.com to sync all polygon transactions.
The Polygonscan API seems to be having some major issues and they are no longer able to return any of the ‘internal transactions’. I believe this is a bug on their end rather than something that they have done on purpose.

We are monitoring the situation and we will fix this as soon as polygonscan starts providing these transactions again.

Best regards,


Great! Thank you for the additional information!

Any updates on the potential polyscan API issue?

In have the same problem with swaps on Apeswap on the polygon mainnet. The api sync only imports the withdrawals and not the deposits.

So I’ve been looking into it a bit more, and just about any “slightly complicated” smart contract execution is having issues like this.

The sync works, but there is a lot missing for exchanges and for liquidity in/out or adding/removing LPs to vaults.

I just checked accointing as well just to test if it was Koinly or the API and Accointing looks to have similar problems (to a lesser extent).

@Petur_Koinly, was there an API change or something changed on the mainnet that is causing this? This sync works now, but a ton of other stuff is no longer working as expected.

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Sorry for the spam of messages here. I manually cleaned up one day where I cashed out a lot of liquidity pools and consolidated to a single coin to transfer to a different network.

I had to manually go in and check the transaction IDs to make sure everything was correct, which was very time consuming. After I did this, I re-synced the wallet and even still koinly is incorrectly issuing an “Missing purchase history for X” even though everything is accounted for.

I’m really sorry, but the whole of the metamask wallet information for the polygon network is completely broken and unusable even when manually fixing the problems.

Prior to last weekend I wasn’t having any of these issues.

@Petur_Koinly pease can you give us an estimate, are you able to use a different source if there’s issues with polygonscan?

@Anon @zumarius

No update really other than that we got a reply to our query from Polygonscan stating that they are aware of the issue and working on it.

Thank you for the update again!

Hey, just checking in every couple days or so. Any updates from polygonscan on their potential fix?

Thank you!

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Hey, so what is the story here. It has been almost a month and not a peep from either Polygonscan or Koinly on the topic.

What is the expected time for this to be resolved?

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It was resolved yesterday and looks to be working just fine now.

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