Please provide updates that are long overdue and requested for the Cardano Blockchain


Is Koinly doing anything about improving their integration with the Cardano blockchain, especially now that there are more Dapps (like sundeswap, world mobile token etc) under development?

In addition to this, when are we going to have better integration and data pull from our wallets? Current method for doing it manually is not an easy task! There are examples of APIs here: ~ API Documentation

Finally, just to say, there have been a number of posts in the past year alone, which go unanswered, by a few members such as @codefly @DaMeatMan @Roger_C @Iain @Jason_Bandy @LiveSource and they are either closed or you are now unable to respond to on the post anymore.

Would be nice if there is some sort of communication and interaction with your paying customers… otherwise it feels like I am just paying to figure things out on my own, when a lot of issues are outside of my sphere of influence.


Hmmm. Yes, I’ve noticed the lack of feedback from the devs for the last year. I’ll be looking elsewhere

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